Our vineyard, spread across the villages of Bué, Sancerre, Crézancy and Montigny, sits on a geological foundation dating from the Jurassic formation, in the secondary era.
80% is planted with Sauvignon, producing our white wines, and 20% is Pinot Noir for our red and rosé wines.
Limestone soils (small pebbles), hard and very stony, give fruity and delicate white wines. The «Terres blanches » (Kimmeridgian marl) more or less clayey, add structure and body.
A soil with more clay and marl is perfect for Pinot Noir  in the making of our red and rosé wines.
We work on the famous slopes of Chêne Marchand, Grand Chemarin and Chasseignes.
Today 70% of our vineyard are grass-covered, in order to limit erosion. A deep cultivation of the soil is carried out under the rows of our grass covered vineyards, and also on the entire surface of the rows in the other part of our vineyards. 

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Quincy, a little village on the east bank of the river Cher, is located between the towns of Bourges and Vierzon.
The first vines were planted in the 11th century by the Benedictines of the order of  Citeaux Abbey.
The Sauvignon expresses itself fully on this vast limestone deposits plateau, of lacustrine origin, resulting of a mix of clay and shells. In surface, the sands and gravel transported from the Massif Central by the river Cher, make the terroir of Quincy so singular. Our vineyards are situated in Quincy and Brinay, the only two villages that may fall under the Appellation. Some of the vines are still young – ten years of age on average – they are added to older vineyards which produce more structured wines.

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Environmental Protection

For health protection and for our vineyard management, we take into account the need to approach an environmentally friendly viticulture.
The protection of our environment, the safety and health of our employees are integrated in all the processes of organization and operation.
Being more responsible and efficient and adopting a sustainable development approach, our domaine is committed to limiting its impact on the environment, disposing of all waste in the most appropriate manner, controlling the choice and the use of phytosanitary products and fertilizers.